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Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment

This refers to equipment used to play archery games, in which bows and arrows are used. The whole idea of these games comes from the ancient fighting and hunting where they were used as major weapons. What differentiates these games from the ancient are the few changes about the equipment like the introduction of the foam-tipped arrow, used in archery tag games. Unlike the sharp-steel arrow, this one is friendly and safe to use. This is why it (the foam-tipped arrow) is widely used even by children above 8 years old. Adults have an automatic free-pass to play whilst those aged 9-17 years have to possess a waiver agreement signed by their parents or guardians, seconding them to play. Nonetheless, the sharp-metallic arrows along with their bows are still available and widely used, especially for hunting.

An Archery bow: This is used to shoot the foam-tipped arrows. Its main parts are the upper and lower limbs which make up the curves, the riser which is the part between the limbs, and bowstring where the arrow’s nock is placed to aim and shoot.

Archery face masks: These are manufactured in different forms to simply cover and protect the face to the ears. They have adjustable head and chin straps to ensure that it lays firm on the face. Some have an inbuilt anti-fog lens to give you a clear focus on your competitors. They can also be used as team banners with different colors to distinguish your opponents from teammates.

Archery Armguards: These are commonly made of plastic/leather to protect the arms from the exerted force on the bow and its string.

Inflatable Bunkers. These are placed on each team’s side of the field. They enable the players to dodge arrows, reorganize, focus and hit their opponents and their 5-spot target.

5-spot targets. Each is placed on each team’s front center of the field, next to the safe zone which divides the two teams into opposite sides.



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