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Archery Tag Kit

Archery Tag Kit

Archery Tag Kit simply refers to all the equipment used to play Archery Tag sport. Archery tag is such a safe but intense sport that involves shooting with bows and arrows. The equipment is designed in such a way to protect the players, make them quite nervous and most of all have fun while they play. It is even safe enough for minors. This is typically 9-year-olds and above, with a signed waiver agreement from their parents/guardians permitting them to play.

The kit comprises of the following;

  • Foam-tipped archery tag arrows. The foam tips are soft and simply jump off the body, which makes them safe to use.
  • Archery tag bows. These provide the player with estimation, balance, and focus before releasing the arrow to the preferred target. It has a string where the rear end of the arrow is placed, pulled and released.
  • Archery tag face masks. These mainly cover the entire fore face parts namely the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. This removes any insecure instincts that the player may have when the arrows are swinging.
  • Archery tag arm guards. There are made of plastic or leather. They protect the arms from the string after the arrow is released.
  • A quiver of arrows. This is usually tied to the player’s body with a number of arrows in it. This provides easy access to the armory (arrows) to hit the opponents. On the other hand, the quiver can be placed on the ground closest to the player.
  • Chestguard. This covers the player’s chest to offer protection from the bow.
  • Archery tag also has a field kit comprised of inflatable bunkers and the 5-spot targets.

Note: 1. A quiver and a chestguard can be done without.

  1. Players are advised to wear standard sports attire and shoes. Players are restricted from wearing eye or sunglasses, jewelry, or any sharp or metallic objects while they play. This is all to ensure a safe and fun game.



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